World Health Day 2021: Take Note Of These Expert Tips To Make Your Diet Healthier And Nutritious


It is often advised to makes changes but making even a small change can be difficult. Before the pandemic struck, the main reasons to make dietary and lifestyle changes were either to lose weight or to tackle a specific medical issue like high cholesterol, blood sugar or other disease. In the wake of the pandemic, the interest in improving one’s diet to boost overall health and immunity is at an all-time high and here lies the opportunity to make a change and stick to it. Making a change now might be easier than ever.

Talking about diets, the traditional Indian diet has been quite balanced and nutritive, but over the years, the quality of the Indian diets is wanting on many counts. Usually these diets are lacking in protein, both in quality and quantity, confirmed by many surveys. Another big problem is that a large part of the Indian population (women and children) is anaemic due to lack of iron, folic acid and vitamin B12.

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