Why Is This World Barista Champion A Constipation Spokesperson?


Late this Thursday afternoon, as news reports swirled portended the fate of a nervous nation, an avid Sprudge reader reached out to us with a simple question.

“Have you seen ads for Colon Broom?”

No, we’ve never before seen ads for Colon Broom.

“It’s a supplement being advertised on various social media streams to fix your gut and help you lose weight, with clean millennial advertising to match the prices,” they told us. While we occasionally write about how coffee interacts with colorectal health we didn’t yet see the connection. Why was this reader was telling us about Colon Broom?

“Only after you take a quiz and give them your e-mail address can you see the ingredients,” they explained, “it’s just psyllium! But that’s not the worst part.”

They then sent us this screencap from the website.