Why 10,000 steps a day isn’t enough to stay healthy


We all know that getting daily exercise is important (no matter how much you hate it) and our fitness trackers have long been coaxing us to walk 10,000 steps every day. And while metrics like heart rate are important, do the number of steps you take really mean anything for your health?

While this can be a helpful way to view your daily activity (since technically you don’t have to spend an hour in the gym every day to “be active”) is it really the best way to measure activity?Read more: Sit at a desk all day? Try these exercises to help undo the damage | Best gifts for people who are obsessed with CrossFit

Yes, the small everyday things you do to move more each day matter. For example, choosing to walk to work, parking farther away or taking the stairs does count towards your activity and it’s great that our tech can help us see that. But are there any real health benefits to getting your 10,000 steps each day?

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