What is the GOLO diet? Can it help you lose weight?


There are hundreds of weight-loss diets you can choose from while planning to lose weight. GOLO diet was one of the top searched diets of 2016 and continues to create buzz. Here is everything you need to know about the GOLO diet if you are planning to try it.

What is the GOLO diet?
Rather than limiting carbs, fats or any other nutrient, the GOLO diet focuses on balancing the hormones. The philosophy behind the diet is that hormonal imbalance can trigger anxiety, stress which can lead to poor sleep, hunger and fatigue. All this in turn can lead to unwanted weight gain.

The creators of the GOLO diet believe that diet and exercise alone cannot have lasting weight loss effects. To supplement these diet habits, the creators of the diet created a capsule they call Release, which is an important part of the diet.

The GOLO diet supplement
Release, the supplement contains important plant extracts and the key minerals that have been proven to help manage the physical and psychological aspect of weight. It helps optimize blood sugar levels, insulin regulation, balance hormones and extends hunger and control cravings.

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