What exercise burns the most calories?


From running to yoga, we break down how calories the most common workouts burn.

There are countless ways to get moving and exercise (yes, even while many gyms remain closed). If the idea of burning a ton of calories during a workout motivates you, then I hate to break it to you, but you may be way overestimating your calorie burn. Especially if you judge the number of calories you burned on factors like how much you sweat or how hard it felt.

While sweat and effort are two ways to tell if you’re challenging yourself, the only true way to gauge calorie burn is with an accurate heart rate monitor that takes into account your personal factors, like age, sex, weight and height.

Whether you use a fancy heart rate monitor or other fitness tracker to tell you your calorie burn, it’s still good to have an idea of how many calories the most common exercises burn when heading into your workouts. Keep reading to find out how many calories common exercises burn and how to figure out your own personal calorie burn during workouts.

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