This Popular Diet Is a Health “Disaster,” Says New Study


Some experts say this alarming finding comes out of the “most comprehensive analysis yet” of a well-known fad.

Most of us know that healthier, more balanced living is the safest way to lose weight… but sometimes, you might find yourself in need of super-strict guidelines to get on track. If that’s been the case, listen up: A large new study is sounding a serious alarm about a diet that’s been all the rage in recent years. It’s now associated with seven long-term, life-threatening illnesses—a few of which you might have believed it was actually helping you prevent.

Lee Crosby, RD, is the nutrition education program manager at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and lead author of a new review published in Frontiers of Nutrition, which examined the ketogenic diet (commonly known as the “keto” diet).

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