The Future of Beauty: Trends Shaping The Global Beauty Industry In 2020


More than any other category of consumer goods, the beauty industry is driven by trends. And the last few years has seen the emergence of many new trends – each promising to revolutionise the industry; organic, transparency, fitness and wellness.

So how can a company know which direction to take – which trend to follow?

The answer is to find a connection between a developing trend and an actual consumer need- something that is constantly changing as times change.

Trends that can tap into an underlying consumer need develop to become mainstream.

For brands trying to expand in the market, or even keep pace, choosing which trends to follow or adopt can be a real dilemma.


The overall consumer trend towards healthier living, that has given rise to demand for organic foods and more beneficial household products, has also had an influence on the beauty sector. Natural is not a new phenomenon in the beauty market; it has been around in one form or another for many years. But the last few years has seen a marked trend towards more natural, pure products. However, it’s no longer enough for a brand to merely claim to be natural; customers want transparency and they want brands to demonstrate how they arrive at their claims.

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