Summing up your summer fitness regime


As the temperature soars high, experts suggest tweaking your diet and workout routine to make the best of your fitness plan
One of the biggest mistakes that fitness greenhorns make is to have a cookie cutter approach to their fitness plan, overlooking seasonal changes. As the temperature shoots up in summer, our body reacts very differently to the changing weather. We need to tweak our fitness plan to ensure that it is in sync with the season. Experts tell us how to tweak our diet and workout changes to achieve our fitness goals. While staying hydrated throughout the day is the key, following a proper routine and opting for lighter meal options will help you go a long way.

Start your day with two glasses of water this would help to flush out the toxins and water retention from the body. It will also keep you hydrated through the day. Having Nimbu Paani, aam panna, Coconut water, fresh iced tea, fruits infused water is a great way to stay hydrated. You can soak mint leaves in water overnight and have it in the morning.

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