Struggling to follow a healthy diet? Celebrity nutritionist shares beginner’s guide to eating healthy


Do you want to switch to a healthy diet? Raise your hand if you often hear that you should eat healthy to stay fit. For people who think that shunning certain foods from your diet is the right way to lead a healthy life, then you are mistaken. While changing unhealthy eating habits may seem like a Herculean task, but it is not. What you need to know is that falling into the trap of fad diets can do you more harm than good. And this stems from misconceptions like thinking a healthy diet is equivalent to bland foods to keeping unrealistic fitness goals that can sabotage your plans to eat a balanced diet. So, stop believing myths and focus on the right way to start eating healthy.
Nmami Agarwal Reveals The Right Way To Begin A Healthy Diet
People have become more conscious of what they eat, especially during Covid.
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