Strength training: 5 best weight machines to use in the gym


If you were training with a single dumbbell and your bodyweight during lockdown, now’s your time to get creative. With gyms re-opening, you have full reign of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, rowing machines or even just a different environment to complete bodyweight HIIT.

But where do weight machines come into your training? From the leg extension to the chest fly, there’s a machine for almost every body part in most commercial gyms. They can be a useful tool for people to include in their training, but there’s a time and a place for using them.

Can you build muscle using weight machines?

Weight machines add resistance to your training, which is how you build and strengthen muscles. “They’re particularly good for beginners as they make adding load simple,” says personal trainer Veowna Charles, founder of Vital Conditioning. “You move from A to B – for example, you push your legs out, then bend them in, then push them out again. I think that it can help to build confidence for those who would otherwise gravitate towards cardio machines.”

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