Secrets for Walking Your Way to a Lean Body After 50


If you love to walk for exercise, try these tricks for getting even more out of your daily strolls.

The body slows down naturally with age, and while you may have been able to lift really heavy weights, take regular HIIT classes, or run ten miles in the A.M. religiously in your 20s and 30s, it’ll be harder to maintain those hardcore habits up when you’re 50 and beyond. “As you age, your body experiences compositional changes like a decrease in muscles mass,” says Steve Stonehouse, NASM, CPT, USATF Certified Run Coach and Director of Education for STRIDE. As the amount of muscle mass—as well as your strength and definition—continues to decline with age, your metabolism progressively slows down, too. “A slower metabolism leads to less energy in the day,” he says.

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