How To Maintain A Balanced Diet? Important Nutrients You Should Not Miss


You are what you eat- you might have heard this a thousand times. Right nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining overall health. Consumption of right diet with optimum levels of nutrients has been stressed for ages for all age groups. For a healthy body and ideal body weight, experts advise the consumption of a well-balanced diet. An individual requires nutrients to maintain a healthy body. Nutrients in the right proportion are necessary for optimum utilization and maintenance of the body. A balanced diet help achieve the required nutrients. But many are not aware of the right method to follow a balanced diet and essential nutrients you should not miss. In this article, Dr. Megha Jaina, clinical nutritionist at BLK hospital explains the list of essentials nutrients that should be a part of your diet and their food sources.

Nutritional requirements for a balanced diet

1. Carbohydrates

Carbs are quick source of energy and rich sources are rice, wheat, corn, barley, dry fruits, honey, jaggery etc.

2. Proteins

Proteins are a major component of your body. Be it muscles, endocrine glands, organs, skin, hair, nails, serum etc. all have protein as a constituent, making protein an unavoidable component for the growth and maintenance of your body.

Sources of protein- Cow milk, tofu, whole egg, soybean, khichdi, chicken, cottage cheese etc. are good sources of proteins.

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