Hot Girl Walks Are the Ideal Way to Prepare for Summer


It’s a beautiful April morning in my neighborhood; the sun is casting dappled patterns on the street and people are out walking their dogs. The birds are probably chirping in the trees, but I can’t hear them over the sound of “Hoes Mad” blasting through my headphones, and all the positive thoughts filling my head. I’m on a Hot Girl Walk, you see, and these are the rules.

I learned about the hot girl walk on TikTok, where the concept originated at the end of 2020. The term was coined by a 22-year-old named Mia, whose bio includes “CEO of Hot Girl Walk™.” Mia’s original hot girl walk TikTok now has nearly 800,000 likes, and the official hot girl walk playlist Mia made (called “hot girl walk”) has almost 90,000 followers.

Hotgirlwalk on TikTok has hundreds of videos showing dozens of other TikTok users going on their own hot girl walks. (One TikTok user is even promoting her new single by saying it would make a great track for your hot girl walks.) It’s a bona fide sensation, and is only picking up steam, as we all slide into “hot vax summer.”

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