Handstands – their health and fitness benefits for you, from improved core strength to inner peace


When fitness coach and vegan nutritionist Steve Pilot first attempted a handstand, he didn’t really know what he was doing.
“I just kicked up against the wall and continued to increase frequency week after week,” Pilot said. “Everyone is on their own journey; for some of us it takes longer, as most us may not have a gymnastics or mobility background.”
Originally from Germany, Pilot began a new fitness regime 10 years ago after a bout of depression made him rethink his approach to his mental and physical health. He now lives in Bangkok and teaches the importance of handstands as part of a workout.
The former avid CrossFit athlete felt his body was growing stiffer as he aged, and he was craving something more purposeful and methodical. That’s when he discovered the liberating feeling of handstands, which he passionately promotes and discusses on his social media channels including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and his own website.
“Handstands boost the immune system, improve skin, relax the nervous system and slow the ageing process,” Pilot claims. Although scientific backing for these benefits is scant, studies suggest increased blood flow to your brain from being upside-down reduces production of the stress hormone cortisol and may lighten your mood. It also increases circulation in the upper body, including blood flow to your lungs, while opening up the diaphragm.

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