Grow Your Glutes Using Just Your Bodyweight


You’re making a huge mistake if you’re ignoring your butt in your workouts.

When you decide on what you’re trying to accomplish with your workouts, what muscle groups are you targeting? For most guys, the list isn’t terribly long. Chest and arms, definitely, and if you’re smart, you’ll never skip leg day. But there are muscles in your legs that you should put more focus on, just like your biceps whenever you do arms. We’re talking about your butt, cosmetically—or your glutes, to be extra specific about the muscles.

A good glute-building routine is beneficial for more than just your vanity. The muscles are the largest in your body, and keeping them strong and engaged is important for everything from overall strength and power to sports performance to good posture and back health.

Ignoring your glutes is a big mistake, as sedentary lifestyles and poor posture can cause gluteal amnesia, or dead butt syndrome, a condition that occurs when your gluteus medius stops firing. That’ll ruin your high-level athletic performance and overall well-being, so you should be more than ready and willing to wake your butt up.

Trainers like Bret Contreras and Charlee Atkins, C.S.C.S. knows how important your glutes are, even if you’re not concerned about making your butt pop in a tight pair of pants. Atkins, in particular, recognizes that this type of training should start at an accessible level for anyone and everyone, which is why she designed this bodyweight circuit to get your butt in gear.

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