Fitness tips: Why you must always warm-up before a workout


Owing to time constraints or out of sheer lethargy, many of us often tend to skip warm-up exercises before working out. While it may not seem too important, warmups can contribute to your workout. Stressing on the importance of warming up, nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal recently shared an Instagram post.

“Warming up is often overlooked by most people who workout. It seems very basic, but it is as important as the workout itself,” she said.

Why? According to Ganeriwal, a well-rounded exercise program consists of warm-up as an important component. “It is intended to literally warm-up the exercising muscles to prepare for the upcoming workout,” she mentioned.
Warm-ups allow the body to gradually transit from the resting state to the higher demands (biomechanical, physiological, bio-energetic) of exercise. This means that the heart rate, breathing rate, and core body temperature gradually (and not suddenly) increases, preparing the body and system for physical activity.

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