Fitness fads to ditch in 2020


There is a time and place for everything, but never one for resolutions. If you will resolve to do anything, make sure it is in a dive bar late on a Saturday night, when you are drunk enough to make tall claims — but others are equally drunk, so they will not remember it the next day. From bungee jumping in New Zealand to skydiving over Dubai, running an ultra in a desert to free-climbing a blooming rock, avoid these classic tropes, and some more which I am listing below.

Vegans: Be it for the social quotient or because your role-play fantasy is tree-hugger, both imply that your food issues are of the first world order. I feel for you, if only because you are as detached from reality as you are from any sense of taste.

Intermittent Fasting (IF): Not only do I hate people who won’t eat animals, I detest those who don’t eat at all too! I always thought that dying of hunger would be a cheap way to go but IF is one lame marketing gimmick; it makes you lean like being hit by a truck full of books makes you wise. There are adages wise about moderation none of which apply to IF.

Seven Summits: The 1858 Geosphere by Montblanc is an exquisite tribute to those who’ve scaled the seven summits, something best left to the experts. Buy this watch and admire the seven peaks as they turn on tiny dials at the end of your arm. But stop with the carbon emissions and rubbish dumping on the hills just to prove to yourself that you can be pushed up every mountain by Sherpas. If an adrenalin rush and high is what you after, put on some Bob Marley and…you know what comes next.

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