Exploring The World Of Alien Beauty


A new beauty trend walks among us, and it requires the removal of your most prominent facial feature. Trendsetters are saying bye bye to their brows as the so called alien look arrives back on the scene. This otherworldly aesthetic of eyebrow bleaching or covering your brows with makeup is the new rebellious statement look that sees influence from queens (both royal and drag) past.

The eyebrow has seen many transformations throughout history but the idea of a browless beauty eventually was always contested by modernization. In the past, the idea of an extended forehead was considered a beauty standard. During the 8th century, Chinese and Japanese noblewoman adopted a eyebrow shaving technique called hikimayu–hiki.

Similarly in the late 15th century, Elizabeth I popularized high hairlines as a sign of aristocracy. Women followed suit by plucking their brows and hair lines to achieve this expanded forehead look. By the 18th century the trend was abandoned and a full brow was preferred. It’s reported that even artists during this time went back and painted back eyebrows on the balded portraits.

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