Exercise Snacking Is the Genius Way to Trick Yourself Into Being More Active at Home


After 11 months of struggling to find my pandemic fitness groove, I tapped into the joys and benefits of intermittent movement.

Mindless snacking has gotten a bad rap in the health world. But when I heard that bite-sized workouts — also known as “exercise snacks” — could be the antidote to my Zoom class fatigue, I decided to switch up my fitness diet.

Like many, I started the new year with the intention of refreshing my at-home exercise routine after a very sedentary 2020. When I heard rumblings that micro-workouts throughout the day could be as effective as a long slog at the gym, I was intrigued.

But could a few bursts of burpees really deliver the same results as those virtual Pilates classes I was constantly skipping? To my surprise, the answer was a resounding yes — according to experts, those snacks stack up and can even offer additional benefits you can’t get from a single A-Z session.

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