Exercise dos and don’ts for pregnant women


Pregnancy is an experience which gives the feeling of completeness to a woman. It is accompanied by several changes which occur in a women’s body in which physiological change tops the list. The psychological changes associated with pregnancy warrant evaluation of obstetric & medical risk prior to engaging in regular physical exercise.

Exercising during your pregnancy has great benefits – it can help prepare you for labor and childbirth and lift your spirits – but you need to approach working out with extra caution. Healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancy do not need to limit their exercise for fear of adverse effects.

Participation in a wide range of recreational activities appears safe during & after pregnancy. Whether you’re a regular exerciser looking to continue your regimen during pregnancy or a former couch potato looking to get moving, follow these rules to keep you and your baby safe.


In the absence of either medical or obstetric complications,30 to 40 mins of moderate physical activity at least 3 days/wk is recommended.

Women who were sedentary prior to pregnancy should begin with light intensity low impact activities such as walking & swimming.

Pregnancy requires an additional 300 Kcal/day. > Exercising indoor may provide more environmental control to avoid excess heat, cold & air pollution.

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