Can exercising at the same time everyday help you lose more weight?


It is important to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, but it is equally important to stick to a routine. Fixing your time for workout and punctually sticking to it can actually help you lose more weight.

A study published in the journal Obesity, stated that consistency of sticking to a set time while exercising can help a person lose weight more easily. The findings of the study also suggested that sticking to the same time lead to higher physical activity levels.

This is regardless of whether a person exercised at the same time in the morning, afternoon or evening. In the study, researchers took a total of 375 healthy adults who were successful in maintaining their weight by engaging in regular moderate to vigorous physical activity.

Most of the participants (68 percent) exercised at the same time several days a week, while the rest of the participants exercised at varied times during the week. All the subjects were part of a weight loss registry designed to collect data on the characteristics and behavior patterns of people who successfully lost weight and kept it off.
Findings of the study
Those who worked out at the same time of the day logged 4.8 workouts per week on average, compared with 4.4 among people who varied their workout times.

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