Brie Larson Pushes Her Limits With a Leg Day Workout


Actress Brie Larson does not mess around when it comes to her workouts (she does have to play a superhero, after all. She’s previously documented her grueling sweat sessions, which have included one-armed pushups, one-arm pullups, weighted pullups, and 400-pound hip thrusts. She’s been on a lower body kick lately, having shared videos of landmine deadlifts and split squats on a cable box recently.

And in her latest Instagram post, she’s grinding again. Larson, 31, shared a clip from a brutal leg workout she did in an at-home garage gym. The actress knocks out reps of Bulgarian split squats using weights that clearly challenged her to push to finish.

“Pushing myself past my limit, honey! Doesn’t always look pretty but gosh it feels amazing. @risemovement – how heavy were these again?” she captioned the video, tagging in her trainer Jason Walsh.

With each rep, she lets out a grunt. “The tape on my feet does not help me,” she says after completing 4 reps on her left leg. “That’s gonna leave a mark,” says Walsh.

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