Beauty tips that actually work


AS women, we always try our best to look and feel great. Sometimes we’ll go the extra mile of enhancing our beauty by trying skin and hair care products we may have read about, seen on social media, or that were promoted by our favourite celebs and influencers.

What are some ‘proven’ beauty tips that you have tried that actually work for you?

Reyene, 21, social media manager:

I do a lot of natural face masks. I’d make some with brown sugar and water or even honey and egg yolk. Those really help to make my face clearer.

Iasia, 21, social media executive:

Moisturising works for me. Moisturising your skin is so important, especially your face, and it’s always good to have a moisturiser that has SPF (sun protection factor), because it protects you from the harsh rays of the sun. I just started moisturising consistently because sometimes I’d get red blotches or small pimples on my face.

Cheyanne, 22, social media marketing officer:

Skin tip — This might sound like a myth but a balanced diet helps. Gone are the days when we would use water alone!

Hair tip — Don’t listen to the hair influencers! Try and try and try different products to find what works for you.

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