Beauty tips on how to make your hair less greasy


You may feel like washing your hair every time it gets oily and greasy. However, this may not be the best thing to do. In fact, over washing your hair can lead to more oil and grease.

So how do you combat this problem? You can oil train your hair.

This may sound strange; however, it just means you wean yourself off over washing. So, if you shampoo every day, try every two or three days instead.

Each week, you’ll be able to leave it a little longer between washes and your hair will thank you for it. That said, here are a few hacks that will make oil training your hair go a little more smoothly.

Know Your Ingredients

Not all shampoo is created equal. In fact, many contain harsh ingredients like sulfates that can dry out your hair. This can in turn cause your scalp to go into oil production overdrive.

If you are fighting to keep grease at bay, choose a clarifying shampoo and silicone-free conditioner. These shampoos work like exfoliators and break down oil without drying out hair. And while silicones may leave your hair looking sleek and shiny, there can build up over time, making your hair look dull and lacklustre.

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