Beauty tips on how to achieve strong and healthy nails


Beauty tips on how to achieve strong and healthy nails

Strong and healthy nails are an indicator of overall health. However, sometimes our nails are not as strong as we would like them to be.

But the good news is that there are lifestyle changes we can make to help overcome brittle and weak nails.Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland, we will show you how.

Take A Biotin Supplement
Biotin can help to strengthen your hair and nails. It also helps your nervous system to function properly. But because it is water-soluble, it is not stored by the body, so you need to ensure you consume it daily.

You can try to take a supplement but if you do go down this road, it’s best to talk to your doctor beforehand.

Minimise Water Exposure
Soaking your nails in water can cause them to become brittle. So to counteract this, try to wear gloves when washing dishes and keep hands out of the water when taking a bath.

Keep Hydrated
Drinking enough water is important for your overall health, and nail health is no exception. Without the right moisture levels, your nails can become brittle and weak.

Getting enough water can help them be strong and healthy.

Look After Your Diet
Make sure you eat a varied and healthy diet to ensure you get the right vitamins and minerals. A diet that is deficient in certain nutrients can affect your entire body – not just your nails.