9 Tips For Whatever Fitness Journey You’re On, From Regular People Who Have Been There, Too


You’ve probably picked up dozens of fitness tips, tricks, and motivational quotes throughout your journey, with two or maybe three that really stand out. When experts (like trainers, doctors, registered dietitians) offer up their wisdom, it’s smart to soak it in. But sometimes, the most useful advice comes from the people who have gone on their own fitness journeys, figured out what works, and learned enough to pass it on to the rest of us. In other words, they’ve been there, done that.

The POPSUGAR Workout Club is full of these people (join us on Facebook!), and today, they’re sharing their wisdom. These tips range from gentle reminders (be patient, start slow) to motivational advice (just show up!). So if you’re looking for some support, an energy boost to a tired routine, or just some kind words from people who’ve gone through up-and-down fitness journeys of their own, keep reading and get inspired.

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