8 Healthiest Ways to Drink Your Coffee, According to Dietitians


There are many ways to enjoy a flavorful, caffeinated cup that’s also good for you.

Coffee may already be a big part of your mornings, but did you know that there’s been a lot of new research highlighting its health benefits? Yep. Turns out, drinking a cup of Joe can give you an extra boost of vitamins, and sipping on espresso can actually help you live longer. That’s the thing about coffee… just when you think you know everything about it the world’s favorite morning beverage, there’s something new to discover.

With this in mind, here are the latest and healthiest ways to drink your coffee in 2021, according to registered dietitians. And for more on starting this year on the right foot nutrition-wise, here are The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.

Measure your milk or creamer before you pour it in.

A common mistake that can make coffee less healthy? Adding too much milk or creamer. “If you prefer the taste of real cream or half and half, you can still enjoy them in your coffee, but keep in mind that we often overdo it when we add these items in,” says Maryann Walsh, RD, CDE. “I always recommend measuring out what a serving of cream, half and half, or your favorite creamer is to get a visual… you may find that you are using anywhere from two-to-five times more than 1 serving.”

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