6 Great Reasons to Go to the Pool this Summer


Though we are in the midst of winter and snowstorms a plenty, we can’t help but begin to dream about Summer! Whether you are at a local community pool, at a residential home pool or traveling and enjoy a pool somewhere else, summer and swimming pools go hand in hand. Here are some reasons why going to the pool and swimming in the summer is so great!

1. It’s great exercise

If you’ve been cooped up too long indoors or your muscles have grown stiff from the winter and you are aching to get moving again, there’s no better way to become more active than swimming at the pool. Swimming is a great way to lengthen the body, stretch muscles and improve flexibility as well as improve cardio endurance.

It is also a calorie torcher and is a full body workout–a 160 pound person can burn approximately 423 calories an hour swimming at a low or moderate pace, or 715 calories at a more vigorous pace, whereas walking at 3.5 miles an hour for 60 minutes may result in only 314 calories burned.

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