5 Reasons You Should Stop Drinking Juice, According to Dietitians


Some days it’s tough to get the recommended two servings of fruit. Fresh produce can unexpectedly spoil (although, there’s always frozen), our shopping list is often at the mercy of seasonal fruit crops, and you can’t exactly peel an orange on the subway on your way to work when you’re in a hurry (or at least you shouldn’t, because eww).

On those days, drinking your fruit in the form of juice seems like an easy substitute. It’s quick and convenient, plus it counts as fruit, right? It says “100% fruit juice” right there on the label!

Not so fast: like every other thing in life that’s too good to be true, you can’t actually make an even swap between real, bonafide fruit and fruit juice (even if it’s the organic, non-GMO, fresh-squeezed, no-sugar-added kind). In fact, drinking juice—especially as a replacement for actual fruit—can do more harm than good…so much so that you might be better off skipping your fruit servings entirely for a day rather than filling your quota with juice.

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