Fitnotes, a workout tracker app for Android, has emerged as one of the most popular platforms among fitness enthusiasts, according to a megathread on Reddit. In the thread about fitness-related apps, technological gadgets, and training gear, many people recommend Fitnotes. While some of them felt the app was great because it allowed users to self-analyse data, others found it simple and easy to handle. There’s a lot of information and posts to scroll through on the thread though, and so if you just want to find the best recommendations, read on to know more.

“I love Fitnotes, and you can back up to Google drive, too, which allows you to perform your own analysis on the data,” one user wrote on the megathread.

Another Reddit user said that FitNotes does everything you need “with zero bloat to get in your way”, adding that he bought the pro version so that he could give some money to the developer.

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