13 Meal Delivery Companies So You Never Have to Go to the Grocery Store


Your boss laid into you about leaving unwashed bowls in the cafeteria, a gull unloaded a poop grenade at your windshield on the drive home, and you stood on an upturned plug the moment you got in. Naturally, the first thing on your mind is heading to your nearest supermarket and arguing with checkout people while they chew gum. (After you’ve wiped off the bird poop — that’s a hazard.)

A little birdie tells us that this is incorrect, and you’d rather eat, sleep, and pretend today never happened.  Which is why you’ll be beyond grateful to hear that these awesome meal delivery services have our backs and make healthy eating much less of a time suck. Whether you’re tired, bored, on lockdown, or simply cannot be bothered to buy stuff and measure things (both suck, we feel you), these services give you the goods without dumping junk food next to the junk mail on your doorstep.

Thoughtful meal plans, recipe cards, and perfectly portioned ingredients keep both prep time and work to a minimum. In this article, we’ll break down each by price and how they work.