11 Clean Beauty Experts On The All-Time Best Tips They Learned From Their Moms


Many people’s first interaction with beauty happens in the context of a mother-daughter moment. For you, maybe it’s the gentle touch of your mom’s fingers as she detangles your hair; or perhaps you loved watching your (very glam) grandmother slide on a velvety shade of lipstick when you were little. Maybe there’s a special ingredient or stalwart product that has remained a family ritual for decades. Beauty is everywhere, and, for many, it’s a conduit for connecting with the ones you love most.

So with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, we’re highlighting the best skin care, hair, and makeup tips experts have gleaned from their mothers and grandmothers—and how these memories have shaped their beauty worldview.

“As a kid, my mom always told me to use moisturizer after a shower to seal in moisture and keep your skin hydrated. When I became a dermatologist, I learned how spot on her advice really was.”

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