YouTube Star Joe Weller Shares Diet and Workout Tips for Getting Shredded


YouTube star Joe Weller racks up millions of views on each video he posts, and his impressive physique is often on display. That being said, his six-pack abs don’t come easy: In fact, Weller says he’s put himself through a full “body transformation” time and time again. In a new video posted to his YouTube channel that’s accumulated over 2 million views, Weller details his many physical transformations, including how and why he does them.

Early in the video, Weller talks about his youth, when he wasn’t the ripped YouTuber he is today, but a kid who was more on the chubby side. He was known as “Man Boob Weller,” he says, and at age 12 he was kicked off his soccer team for “being too fat.”

Throughout the video, Weller takes a self-deprecating look at his own body transformation as he put the work in. While he was skinny when he first began to hit the gym at age 14, he managed to get himself into solid shape by age 16 and 17. But then, as he puts it, “life happened.”

Weller says that he’s done the ‘body transformation’ time and time again—getting in shape, and then falling back out of shape as he burns out on the routine, or becomes distracted by other commitments. “I’ve actually done this body transformation so many times before, that I’m literally the king of being inconsistent,” he says.

The most important aspects of transforming himself, he says, are sticking to a few consistent things: a healthy diet (with one full cheat day built in), along with a consistent cardio routine, whether it’s running or doing something a little more fun, like playing a sport, and a solid gym regimen.

Weller points out a few specific exercises that he likes to focus on: bench press, shoulder press, squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, dumbbell lateral raises, and a hybrid of crunches and a sort of leg-crunch hybrid for abs.

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