Work Your Entire Lower Body With This One Bodyweight Exercise


Trainer Kira Stokes wants to change your definition of “the gym.”

“The gym exists far beyond four walls,” the New York–based fitness instructor and creator of the Kira Stokes Fit app, tells SELF. “The biggest gym and the best gym is often just the great outdoors.”

Stokes, whose clients include Ashley Graham, Shay Mitchell, and Candace Cameron Bure, demonstrated that philosophy earlier this week when she shared an Instagram video of her demoing a multipart lower-body move on a beachside bench in Santa Monica, California.

You can check out the video, via @kirastokesfit, here:

“I’m always about looking at your environment and finding a way to utilize whatever it is you come into contact with in a way that fatigues certain muscle groups in a seamless manner,” says Stokes. And this move—a combination of a step-up, reverse lunge, and jump lunge performed with just your bodyweight and an elevated platform—does exactly that.

“It’s such a good move,” says Stokes. And though it combines multiple exercises, she adds that it’s not overwhelmingly complex once you learn each part.

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