Why You Only Need 30 Minutes for a More Shredded Body


Folding a fitted sheet is complicated. So is the Dallas Cowboys’ Flex defense. But exercise shouldn’t be.

That’s why seven years ago, I implemented a 30-minute system at my performance facility, The LAB, in Fairfield, New Jersey. It’s for the busy man or woman whose number one excuse is, “I don’t have the time to work out.”

The system works. Since I started offering it at The LAB, I’ve doubled my clientele and seen a 60 percent increase in business year over year. People enjoy working out again and they’re in the best shape of their lives. It’s this system that helped me earn IDEA’s 2017 Personal Trainer of the Year.

Before my 30-minute system, my clients would rush into the gym after work and train for an hour. They would barely last a couple months on this schedule. Carving out an hour multiple times a week was nearly impossible. There were late nights at the office. Kids to take care of. Laundry to be done. Sports to be watched. Sleep to be had. Tweets to post! I decided to make things simple for them. I turned a complicated 60-minute workout into a concise 30 minutes.

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