Why Woody Allen will never be canceled in Hollywood


Like a New York City cockroach, Woody Allen seemingly can’t be canceled.

After the director’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, revived molestation accusations against him last year, Amazon axed its distribution deal with Allen — leaving his film “A Rainy Day in New York” homeless. (He then sued Amazon for $68 million.)

Stars Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Hall and Elle Fanning have publicly vowed they’ll never work with Allen again, even donating their “Rainy Day” salaries to #MeToo-related charities.

But earlier this month, the movie was given the coveted opening slot at France’s Deauville American Film Festival, after premiering in Poland. It’s now playing in France, Lithuania, Greece, The Netherlands and Turkey, and will soon open in the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain, as well as Mexico.

“#MeToo or no #MeToo, Woody will always be able to get Euro money for his films,” one indie distributor told The Post.

And insiders say success is all it will take for many in Hollywood to forgive and forget.

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