Why A Cotton-Free Skincare Routine Is Step No.1 To Saving The Planet


Sustainability-shaming our beauty routine seems to be a craze at the moment. Don’t get us wrong, we need to change our ways but it’s a minefield of trying not to do more harm than good. But, one easy and sure way to help reduce wastage is to take single-use cotton out of our routines.

Sounds simple right? Actually, it is. Scrap the cotton buds, leave the single-use pads at home, and embrace a more sustainable addition to your everyday beauty routine.

According to WWF, the amount of water needed to produce one kilogram of cotton, which is one of our basic white T-Shirts, is the same amount of water one person would drink over three years. Bearing that in mind, we at least keep our trusted t-shirts for longer than a day, so imagine the amount of water we waste on a single-use cotton pad.

Not only would removing them from our beauty routines reduce water wastage but think of how much less we’d be emptying our bins if we weren’t chucking a cotton pad away every time we apply our toner in the evening. Less cotton pads thrown away, equals less cotton pads going straight to landfill.

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