What are aloe vera and cactus juice?


From celery juice to coconut water to apple cider vinegar, there’s always something being promoted as the new miracle beverage. And maybe you’ve recently heard about two options that sound a little strange: aloe vera and cactus juice.

Both drinks are made from plants called succulents, which grow in deserts and are known for their unique ability to store water. Plants that are able to survive in harsh environments also often contain powerful molecules they use to defend themselves against the elements. Those are often able to defend your body against enemies like free radicals and inflammation, too.

Should you start swigging aloe vera and cactus juice? Here’s a quick breakdown of what they are and if they’ll really benefit your health.

What is aloe vera juice?
Aloe vera is a tropical succulent that’s also a common houseplant. The gooey substance inside its spiky leaves is well-known as a soothing skin treatment for issues like sunburn. The plant has been used as a natural topical remedy and supplement for all kinds of ailments for thousands of years, around the world.

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