Want to Lose Weight but Hate Counting Calories? Try Out These 3 Tips From a Dietitian


For those of us that want to lose weight without counting calories or feeling restricted on what we’re able to eat, dietitian Kylie Sakaida, MS, RD, LDN made a TikTok video offering up three helpful tips. Each one of these tips focuses more on what types of foods we should be incorporating into our daily meals, including a tip on how to eat.

Sakaida kicked off her list with one of my personal favorite nutrition tips: eating protein. This is one of my favorite tips because protein shakes are always a go-to breakfast or lunch for me when I’m short on time but need to feel full. As Sakaida says, protein “takes longer to digest than carbs” therefore you’ll stay fuller for longer periods of time.

Her second tip is to “stop rushing through your meals.” Sakaida reminds us that our brains can take up to 20 minutes to realize that the stomach is full so it’s best to take our time when eating if we want to lose weight.

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