Valeria Chrampani Is the Greek Goddess of Y2K Vintage


Valeria Chrampani’s Instagram, @sushiandbaklava, is a time portal back into the all-excess fashion of the early ’00s. The 24-year-old Greek’s personality seems plucked out of some Spice Girls fan club. Her style has all of the signatures of a whirlwind Y2K nostalgia lover: Her lipliner is dark and defined, perfectly neat with Michelangelo-worthy precision. Sometimes she wears her hair slicked down with two bleached, razor-sharp tendrils curving inwards.

Her clothing is also evocative of the era: Chrampani has an affinity for monogrammed shoulder bags, orange-tinted and rimless sunglasses, low-slung denim, and all things blingy. Chrampani’s wardrobe seems like an endless supply of aughts garb, and for good reason: She also runs the Instagram shop @00sgarms, a trove of her secondhand finds from Athens.

According to Chrampani, who divides her time between her home city of Athens and London (where she studies art direction at Middlesex University), Athens is a hotbed for finding off-kilter vintage. “The last four years, outlet stores with vintage and secondhand clothes started opening,” says Chrampani. “Because of the [Greek debt] crisis, people wanted to buy cheap clothes, but for me [wearing]it is a way to express myself. These [clothes]are different and sustainable and can be very rare.”

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