Tips For Younger Looking Eyes & Balanced Skin From Beauty Expert Jentri Quinn


Beauty Expert, Makeup Artist and Podcast Host, Jentri Quinn joined Steph to talk all about how to get younger looking eyes and balanced skin. You can find her tips below!

Three-Step Concealer Trick for Younger Looking Eyes (that won’t crease!):

STEP ONE: Start by depuffing! Here are 3 different ways to DEPUFF the eyes

* Hanging upside down

* Sleeping on an elevated pillow

*Massage the eyes to reduce fluid build-up

STEP TWO: Once eyes are prepped, apply concealer in a triangle shape

STEP THREE: Use a sponge to bounce and lift for a natural look that won’t crease or pronounce wrinkles! If don’t have a sponge, use clean fingers.

Here Are Three Steps to Restoring and Balancing Dry, Devitalized Skin

As we age we lose collagen and elastin so it’s important to keep the skin hydrated and balanced, and here’s how you do it: