Tips for fitness enthusiasts post Covid recovery


Getting back to your fitness routine after a brush with Covid-19 can be hard, but experts say that starting slow with adequate nutrition is the key to crack post-Covid fitness.

Whether that’s building up from yogic breathing exercises and a slow jog, or stocking up on Vitamin C, these tips are bound to help.

Ankit Jha, Founder, Doctor’s Choice, and an avid fitness practitioner, suggests:

Practicing yoga everyday heals Covid distress

The immune system must need to be strong to fight any form of the disease, be it Covid or lethal cancer. Yoga has been a natural healer for ages dating back to ancient times until the present day.

Practicing Yoga and Pranayama self-heals the Covid-distressed body to the extent of strengthening all the internal parts of the body, thereby increasing immunity and taking away fatigue caused due to Covid.

Kapalbhati, an old breathing technique that can be instrumental in early recovery, has perceived benefits that include clearing of the sinuses and lungs of allergens, increased metabolism, weight loss, improved circulation, and increased oxygen supply.

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