Three At-Home CrossFit Workouts


You can reap the benefits of CrossFit training without adopting it as a lifestyle with these three workouts.

CrossFit is everywhere. It has saturated our hometowns, our Facebook feeds and even our favorite shows. It has spawned a new vernacular that includes terms like WOD, firebreather and Rx’d.

So why haven’t you sipped the Kool-Aid yet?

To its credit (and despite the universally hefty price tags of its memberships), CrossFit remains an open-source model. Its workouts, methodologies and countless other resources have been made public record. Anyone with an internet connection has access to hundreds of workouts they can selectively flirt with — oftentimes with little to no equipment.

The following three workouts walk the CrossFit party line of “10 domains of fitness,” but they also include a few perks for the more superficial-minded among us. These workouts work a ton of muscle and stoke your metabolic machinery, all without the burden of the box.

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