‘This Is Very Suggestive’: Celebrity Kids’ Sassiest Comments on Their Parents’ Instagrams


In the age of social media, embarrassing parents are no longer relegated to the school drop-off line: they’re front and center on your feed, leaving comments à la Mick Jagger’s iconic “Watch out for the water” quip on his son Lucas’ photo of him at the beach.

Celebrity kids are no exceptions, with their famous parents mercilessly trolling them on the regular. But the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (just ask Gwyneth Paltrow!), and celeb kids have been responding in kind with their own sassy comments. Even adult A-listers have gotten in on the action, calling out their parents for sharing TMI. Below, some of the most glorious gems:

1. Andy Cohen

Watch What Happens when the Bravo host’s mom, Evelyn, gets a glimpse of his glorious ’90s throwback photo of himself rocking a Speedo on the beach in Mykonos. While many of the Real Housewives chimed in with positive feedback (“BIG DADDY ♥️,” RHOBH‘s Lisa Rinna wrote), his mom had a hilariously different reaction: “Get a grip,” she commented in an interaction highlighted by Comments by Celebs.

2. John and Matthew Edward Lowe

Rob Lowe’s sons John Owen, 23, and Matthew Edward, 25, could teach a master class on how to troll your famous parents. The two are frequent commenters on their dad’s Instagram account, with Comments by Celebs capturing some of their best quips.

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