This Guy Trained Like ‘One Punch Man’ for 100 Days


YouTuber Tyler Oliveira recreated the anime hero’s grueling training regime.

There are plenty of workout programs out there designed to help you get as shredded as superheroes like Thor, Wolverine and Captain America, but for his latest challenge, YouTuber Tyler Oliveira took his inspiration from another hero. For 100 days, Oliveira worked out like Saitama from the anime series One Punch Man.

Saitama has undergone physical training so rigorous that he has surpassed his human limitations, and is now capable of defeating any and all enemies with a single punch (hence the name) — will Oliveira acquire the same powers after training like Saitama every day for 100 days?

The “One Punch Man” workout consists of:

100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats
10 km run

For the first month, Oliveira threw himself into the challenge by completing the pushups, situps, squats and run seven days a week. Oliveira notes that because he was doing the intense workout every day without rest, his body didn’t have enough time to regrow the muscle he was breaking down, and after 30 days the only visible difference was in his hulking calf muscles.

For the next 30 days, he incorporated two days of rest into his regime, and reduced his running distance to just under 6.5 km. During this time, however, he realized that he was falling short of Saitama’s unwavering dedication and discipline, so from day 60 he upped the ante considerably. He started day 60 with a 5 km run, then each day after that, he would increase his running distance by one tenth of a mile (0.16 km).

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