These Lip Stains Are Kiiinda the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Your Face


Literally giving away all of my other lip products right now.

Fun fact about lipsticks: They’re kind of high maintenance. And this is coming from me, a girl who wears red lipstick at least 80 percent of my life. But between the meticulous applications, the touch-ups for when you inevitably eat yet another snack (why are there so many snacks in the world?!), and that moment when your lips devolve into a dry, prune-like mess…they can get annoying. And that is why I have recently become the proud president of the lip stain club—the gift from the beauty heavens.

Before your brain conjures images of the lowkey sh*tty stains of your junior high days, which dried out your lips like an actual Sharpie, please know that today’s formulas are legit awesome. With color-changing formulas, oil-stain hybrids, and cheek-and-lip combos, you can find truly the perfect formula and shade and for your lips—and very high standards—without having to settle on another lipstick that somehow gets all over your teeth, fingers, and keyboard. And to get you started, I picked the 12 best lip stains (yup, I’ve really tried all 12; what fan club president would I be if I hadn’t?!) below. Get swiping.

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