These Creative ’80s Halloween Costume Ideas Are Nostalgic in the Best Way


There’s one Halloween costume theme that will never get old: nostalgia. And 1980s style is still the decade to beat—with its permed hair, shoulder pads, and colorful spandex galore. The best part is, you likely have a lot of ’80s Halloween costume essentials in the back of your closet (you know you have those ole workout tights somewhere!). For the biggest and baddest ’80s costumes, we focused on music legends like Madonna, TV babes like Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell, and silver screen beauties like Claire Standish in The Breakfast Club. Oh, and we had to include an aerobics workout instructor! Whether you’re looking for inspiration to DIY a costume with your best friend or would rather get a full look shipped to your front door, we have everything you need to make Halloween 2020 totally righteous.