These are the workouts that 18 super-fit celebrities swear by


Celebrities are known for trying a wide range of wacky health trends. (Remember the Master Cleanse craze, circa 2008?) So it makes sense that stars have a diverse, often-eccentric taste in workouts, too.

The fitness plans of the rich and famous don’t exactly make for practical fitspiration – most of us normal folk can’t afford or access the same hot classes and trainers – but it’s still fun to see how the world’s most famous people break a sweat.

Dwayne Johnson lifts weights six days a week (in case you couldn’t tell by looking at him).

Johnson recently put on 22 pounds of muscle for his role in “The Fate of the Furious,” and he did it using good old fashioned weight lifting (with a little cardio thrown in for good measure).

Johnson has said that hits the gym at 4 or 5 a.m. six days a week. He does cardio (either a run outside or an elliptical session), eats breakfast, then does weight training for an hour and a half, targeting each major muscle group: Back, chest, legs, and arms.

Blake Lively uses swimming and kettle bells to stay in amazing shape.

Lively’s trainer, Don Saladino, spoke with INSIDER last summer and shared how the star built strength before filming “The Shallows.”

She worked out five to six days a week for two months to prepare for the physical role. They’d focus on upper body workouts on Mondays, lower body on Tuesdays, swimming laps in a pool on Wednesdays, then back to upper body on Thursdays and lower body on Fridays. On Saturdays they tackled arms and shoulders.

Heidi Klum just plays with her kids.

“I don’t have time for workouts every day,” Klum told Shape magazine in December 2016. “Being the mother of four kids is a workout in itself! Balancing my work and their schedules makes it hard to find time for a traditional exercise routine, so we try to do as many outdoor activities as a family as possible.”

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