These 8 Makeup Trends Prove Summer Isn’t Canceled


Save these looks ASAP.

It’s getting warmer out, so you know what that means: It’s time to break out the bright eyeshadows, radiant-finish foundations, and extra-glowy highlighters.

Even though summer 2020 is different than the rest, it’s definitely not canceled. Hanging out at home is the perfect time to experiment and play with your makeup stash without dealing with the sweat and oil that comes from being outdoors.

But when you do head out — given that wearing face masks outside are the new norm for the foreseeable future — this summer’s makeup trends are heavy on the eyes and light on the lips.

For those who are already fans of eyeliner, take the look to the next level by upgrading to a negative space cat eye. If eyeshadow is more your speed, skip the sheer finishes and try a bold matte shade. As for the rest of your face, flushed cheeks or a sun-kissed glow are always foolproof options.

Scroll through for our 10 favorite summer makeup trends. Then, go try them out yourself.

1. Sun-Kissed Glow

Glowy skin is always a good idea, but nothing screams “summer” like sun-kissed skin and eyes. Here, Nam Vo — the makeup artist behind Dewy Dumpling skin — demonstrates how to do an allover radiant look.

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