The Way We Shop For Beauty Is Changing


When Darian Harvin, a Los Angeles-based beauty reporter, was preparing to film her IGTV news series, Beauty Headlines, she knew she had a responsibility to use her platform for change. As millions took to the streets and social media to protest policy brutality and systemic racism, Harvin began publicly tracking the ways beauty brands joined the movement — and called on her followers to shift their purchasing decisions as a result.

Harvin and her co-host Dyana Larios got to work on a massive Excel document that listed every major beauty brand, the date the company responded, if they were Black-owned, a link to their Instagram post, and any further actions or monetary donations they made to support the cause. “It started as something personal for us so that we could quickly reference things for a story that we were writing,” Harvin tells Refinery29. “Then, we realized that this was something that we could share with other people, and they would be interested in it.”

Together, the two women gathered the responses of more than 150 brands before closing the submissions on June 3. If a brand hadn’t responded by that point, Harvin said, it told her everything she needed to know about their values.

With all this information laid out right in front of them, Harvin hopes that consumers will reference this document and become more informed shoppers. “People can come to their own conclusions based on the responses,” she says. “Beauty is a lot about choice. We have to be aware of that, just as we are with the food that we eat or the clothes that we wear.”

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